An end of the year update!

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Wow, can you believe your children only have 5 days of grade one left?  Where has the time gone?

Primary Field Day

We had a fantastic day of activities and team building outside yesterday.  The weather could not have been better for us and the students had a great day.  Each student was on a team with grade 1, 2, and 3 students lead by a grade 4 student from Mrs. Rowe’s classroom.  Each group rotated through 10 stations throughout the day and the stations were run by the grade 5 and 6 students from Mrs. Hodgins’ room.  All students should be commended for excellent behaviour, enthusiasm, and participation.  Thank you to all families who donated jumbo freezies for our special treat to end our day!

Tiffin Center Field Trip

Despite a very rainy and wet day last Tuesday, our grade ones enjoyed our trip to the Tiffin Center.  We had the opportunity to explore and build shelters, use nature to create art, and complete an orienteering/mapping activity.



We have just completed our unit on telling time to the hour and half hour and are now learning about money.  We are learning to recognize and name each Canadian coin and know the value of the coins.  We will also be working on adding up a variety of coins.

Social Studies

The students have been learning about maps and are really enjoying this part of our community unit.  We have some fun, creative activities coming up that involve treasure maps and amusement park maps!


We are still working on our fairy tale unit and have read a bunch of traditional and fractured fairy tales.  Each child also had the opportunity to write their own fairy tale which you will get to read in a special booklet of writing that will be coming home next week.  It is amazing to see how much progress the grade one students have made in both reading and writing since they started grade one in the fall!  Keep up the good work!

Completed work

Over the next week, lots of different pieces of work from throughout the year will be coming home.  I will be sending various folders, collections throughout the next five days in order to ensure students don’t have an overloaded backpack next Thursday!

An update…..finally!

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Addition and subtraction – We have been working hard to learn about adding and subtracting.  The students are learning how to use tools such as a ruler, number line, hundred’s chart, manipulatives, and even their fingers to figure out different + and – questions.  We are also working on a variety of problem solving that involve addition and subtraction concepts.  Students are beginning to recognize important words within questions that help them identify whether the question involves adding or subtracting (e.g. altogether and in all tell you to add, how many are left and how many more tell you to subtract).

Hot Pencils – Has your child told you about ‘hot pencils’ yet?  This is one small part of our math time each day that the children are really enjoying.  Each day the students have 2 minutes to try to complete 12 math questions.  If they correctly answer all 12, they move on to the next ‘level’/strategy the next day.  The purpose of ‘hot pencils’ is to work on particular adding and subtracting strategies while improving the children’s speed and accuracy.

Fractions – Our next unit in math is fractions.  We will be learning about half, thirds, and quarters.


Home Reading – Thank you to everyone for your help and support in reading with your child at home.  It is so amazing to see how many books each child is reading at home and to see the improvement in their reading levels.  Please help your child make a reading goal for May.  May is the last official month of our home reading since June gets quite busy for many families.  I hope the children are enjoying receiving their end of month reading certificates and rewards.  May reading rewards will occur on Wednesday, May 31st, so students have 31 days to reach their new goal!

Fairy Tales – We have begun a unit on fairy tales.  Students have explored a variety of characteristics/elements commonly found in fairy tales (e.g. talking objects/animals, castles, forests, good vs. evil, royalty, once upon a time, happily every after) and will be listening to, and responding to, many different fairy tales in the upcoming weeks.  Not only will students be hearing traditional and fractured fairy tales, they will also be writing their own as a culminating task to this unit.


Materials, Objects, and Structures – We have been learning about a variety of objects, the materials with which they are made from and the purpose/benefit of a particular material (e.g. a stop sign shouldn’t be made out of paper, our clothing shouldn’t be made out of metal, etc.).  The students are currently learning about different structures and bridges.  We are investigating what makes a structure sturdy and strong.

School Events/Dates

Mindful Minesing Moments – On Friday all students had the opportunity to experience a variety of different activities aimed at providing children with different ways to assist them in relieving stress and to manage their emotions.  What a fantastic opportunity for our school.  Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day and the variety of sessions they participated in (yoga/meditation, art, team building, outdoor education, daily physical activities, and personality colours).

Golf – Springwater Golf course has offered two golfing sessions for our students.  We have already participated in one ‘lesson’ and will be going back to the gym for our second session next Monday (May 8th).

Music Monday – Our class has been practising the Music Monday song “Sing It Together” and will be participating with the grade 2’s and 3’s in the nation wide singing of it tomorrow after morning recess.  Music Monday is the world’s largest single event dedicated to raising awareness for music education. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students, educators, and music makers participate in a simultaneous nationwide concert performance of an original song written by a Canadian artist.

Bike Safety – On Thursday afternoon at 2:00 we will be going to the gym to learn about bicycle safety

Book fair – The school book fair will be taking place this week from Wednesday – Friday.  As a class we will be visiting the book fair, but families are welcome to browse the selection on Wednesday from 9am-8pm, Thursday from 9am-5pm, or Friday from 9am-12pm.

Upcoming Dates

Friday, June 12 – Blue Jays Day

Friday, June 19 – PA Day

March 2nd Update

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Scientists In The School

Throughout the morning with our scientists, we had a great time experimenting, learning, and predicting.  We learned about solar energy, uv rays, conservation of energy, light energy, renewable vs. non-renewable resources, and wind energy.



We are still working through our unit on geometry.  We have done lots of work with 2D shapes so we got to play a game using pattern blocks.  Many students learned how a hexagon can be composed of several other shapes (e.g. 6 triangles are the same as 1 hexagon, 2 trapezoids make a hexagon, 3 rhombus’ are equal to a hexagon) and other 2D shapes consist of smaller shapes (e.g. 2 triangles make up a rhombus, etc.).  The goal of the game was to fill in the flower……look at how many different ways we can solve this problem.

Home Reading

Thank you once again for all of the reading at home.  It is amazing to see how many books we have read as a class.  Over the weekend, please help your child make a March reading goal.

Upcoming Events

March 9th – Jersey Day

March 24th – Sunglasses Day to welcome spring

March 30th – Character Ed. Assembly at 2:00pm

February 26th Update!

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We are currently learning about 2D shapes and are soon moving onto 3D solids.  The students have been learning about squares, triangles, circles, rectangles, pentagons, trapezoids, parallelograms, hexagons, octagons, rhombus’, and quadrilaterals.  We have been creating 2D shapes on geoboards and discussing the similarities and differences between our shapes and the shapes of our peers.  The students have also been sorting these shapes according to different attributes.

We have also listened to a song/video to help us remember the names of various 2D shapes.  I have attached the link below for you to watch at home.


Thank you again to all families for your support in our home reading program.  The students are very excited to show their weekly progress each Wednesday and I enjoy moving everyone’s car along our reading road.  When the students return their yellow duotangs this Wednesday I will be checking to see who has met their February reading goal.  I have explained to the students that I will be counting their February reading from where they finished off at the end of January (I have drawn a red line and written End of January goal).

We have been reading many stories that all have very powerful messages in them.  This week we read ‘The Gossipy Parrot’ and discussed what it means to gossip and spread rumours.  Following the story the students worked in small groups to illustrate and write about their predictions of what might happen if the story had continued.


We are currently learning about energy in our lives.  The students have been discussing different sources of energy (e.g. the sun, batteries, electricity, muscle, wind, etc.).  This week we will be discussing different energy outputs (e.g. sound, heat, light).  We are all looking forward to having the scientists in the school in our classroom tomorrow.  Stay tuned for pictures following our visitors tomorrow!

February 6th

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Valentine’s Day

The students will have the opportunity to exchange valentines next Tuesday.  Here is a list of the 17 students in our class for those of you interested in having your child address the valentines they have for their classmates.

Reid, Kody, Jax, Ally, Emmit, Cailin, Freja, Liam, Avery, Matthew, Miller, Annabel, Sadie, Nick, Owen, Harry, Maddie

Global School Play Day

Our 100 minutes of unstructured play was a GREAT success!  The students really enjoyed sharing their games from home with others and everyone worked extremely well together.

Home Reading

Congratulations to the 13 students who met, or read beyond, their January reading goal.  We moved our cars down the reading road last Wednesday and will move them again this Wednesday.  I will be checking each child’s yellow duotang on Wednesday to record their reading goal for February.  Thank you to all of the families who are supporting their child in this home reading program.

January 25th update

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Upcoming Spirit Days

January 26 – Jersey Day

February 1 – Global School Play Day and PJ Day

February 2 – Tuque and Sash Day

February 3 – Carnaval (Dress for the weather!)

February 14 – Wear pink, red, and white for Valentines Day

February 22 – Pink Shirt Day for Anti-Bullying

Home Reading

Thank you so much for helping your child make a January reading goal.  The students are very excited about the reading they have been doing and are well on their way to reaching their goals.  Today we put our cars onto the ‘reading road’ to track how many books we have each read.  Please send the yellow duotangs to school next Wednesday.  I will be checking to see who met their reading goal!


We are currently working on learning about place value.  The students are doing lots of different activities involving one and two-digit numbers and learning about the value of each digit (e.g. 36 has 3 tens and 6 ones).  We are also learning about how to identify numbers that are greater or less than others by looking at the number of tens in a number (e.g. 53 is greater than 28 because it has more tens).  The students had the opportunity to go on a place value hunt around the room (see pictures below).

Can you identify the numbers the students created with manipulatives?

Next, we will be working on ordering numbers from least to greatest.


Our unit in science is about daily and seasonal cycles.  We have been learning about the cycle of day and night, seasons, days of the week.  We will also be discussing the months of the year.  Next week we will be studying the sun and what animals do with the different weather.  I have put some you tube links below.  These are songs we have heard in class to help us remember the seasons, days of the week, as well as the months of the year.



Important Information – January 16th

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Upcoming Events:

Friday, January 20th – Fashion Disaster Day (Wear your wildest, wackiest, most mismatched, brightest, oddest outfit ever!)

Friday, January 27th – PA day

Wednesday, February 1st – Global School Play  Day (more details to come)

Friday, February 3rd – Carnaval

Home Reading Program:

Each student brought home a new yellow duotang in a ziploc bag today.  This is their home reading duotang.  Inside, there is a page explaining the program to parents.  The second page (yellow) in the duotang is for your child (with your assistance) to make a reading goal for the remainder of January.  As a class we discussed that there are 15 days left in January and that the students should consider how many books they think they can/would like to read by January 31st.  Each child brought home a book (at their level) from the classroom, but they are more than welcome to read any book from home, school, the library, etc.  I am asking that the yellow duotangs be returned each Wednesday, at which point I will be recording their goal, as well as the number of books they have read to date.  If your child would like to get a new book from the classroom to read at home, all they need to do is return the book they brought home today, in the ziploc bag.  Any books returned in the ziploc bag can be switched on a daily basis.

I am excited to see the progress each child makes as we work together to make time for the students to read, not only at school, but also at home.  There will be a ‘Reading Road’ set up in our classroom this week and each child will have their own car that will move along the ‘reading road’ to mark their progress along this journey.  If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to jot a note in your child’s agenda or send me a message.


December 7th Update

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Upcoming Events/Dates:

Dec. 9 – Winter Accessory Day

Dec. 20 – Bake Sale

Dec. 20-23 – Carolling in the gym

Dec. 21 – Holiday Hat Day

Dec. 22 – Red and Green Day

Dec. 23 – Holiday Sweater Day

Christmas Cheer collection continues at Minesing.  We have collected approx. 3000 items of food school wide and are working hard to meet our goal of 6000 items.  Thank to you everyone for all of your contributions!

Patterns, patterns, and more patterns!

We have been a very busy bunch of grade ones learning about patterns.  The students rotated through a variety of math centers that were all focused on patterning.  Everyone really enjoyed the centers and keep asking when we get to do math centers.  We will be finishing this unit of math within the next few days.  Before the Christmas vacation we will be learning about measurement (and yes, we will be rotating through more fun, hands-on activity centers!).

img_11401 img_11431 img_11551 img_12361 img_12371 img_12381 img_12391 img_12401 img_12411

Social Studies

We have been working on identifying different roles and responsibilities we have in our lives.  The students are also learning about how/when our responsibilities might change (e.g. get a new pet, mom and dad have a baby, etc.).  As well as learning about our roles and responsibilities, we have been talking about respecting others and the environment.  We read a story called “Lily and The Paper Man” in which a little girl makes a difference in a homeless mans life.  Even though we are young, we still impact others and can make positive changes, to both people and the environment.  We read another story called “Sandy’s Incredible Shrinking Footprint” and talked about changes we can make in our lives to reduce our footprint (and lessen our impact on the environment).  In groups, we brainstormed ways to positively impact the environment.


Special Delivery!!!

Mr. Dunlop delivered a special delivery to our class today.  The box was very cold (I guess because it came from the North Pole!).  We predicted what might be inside and then opened it up to see what our delivery was.  Needless to say, we were all very excited and had lots of stories about the adventures of elves at our houses.  We then took the opportunity to write about “If I were an elf…”.  I wonder what our elf will be up to when we come to school tomorrow!

img_12791 img_12801 img_12811


Christmas Cheer

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It is the time of the year again where Minesing Central School collects items for Christmas Cheer.  We have designated each of the collection days as part of our ’12 Days of Giving’, but are happy to except any donations you have at any time throughout the 12 day period.  We will be writing in our agendas each day, but I thought I would also post the 12 days online for you to refer to.  Our goal this year is to collect 6000 items schoolwide.  Let’s show how much we care!

November 28 – Macaroni and Cheese

November 29 – Canned Veggies and Fruit

November 30 – Boxes of Cereal

December 1 – Canned Meat

December 2 – Boxes of Pasta and Rice

December 5 – Canned Tomatoes and Pasta Sauces

December 6 – Canned Dinners

December 7 – Canned Soups

December 8 – Cake, Cookie, Muffin, Jello, Pudding Boxes

December 9 – Mittens, Hats, and Scarves

December 12 – Canadian Tire Money

December 13 – Unwrapped Toys

November 20th Update

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Thank you to everyone who was able to come and participate in our parent-teacher conferences last week.  It was so nice to have the chance to discuss your child’s progress, strengths, and next steps, as well as to have you visit our classroom once again.

This week is Bullying Prevention week.  As part of this initiative, we are asking all students in the school to wear pink on Friday, November 25th.  Within the classroom we will also be reading lots of amazing picture books that discuss a variety of character education traits.  We will be discussing how to be a good friend, the traits we like in each other (as well as ourselves), and how to get along positively with others.

Coat Drive – Our school is currently participating in a coat drive.  If you have any donations of gently used winter clothing, please drop it off at the school or send it with your child.

School supplies – Thank you to all families who have supplied their children with pencil crayons, scissors, pencils, glue sticks, and erasers.  While we do have supplies in the classroom for everyone to use, it is helpful for the students to have their own supplies.  This allows them to get started on tasks right away, as well as ensure there is enough so that everyone can be cutting, writing, glueing, etc. at the same time.  Several families have donated glue sticks to the classroom and we are very appreciative of your donations.  If your child does not have their own glue stick or scissors and it is possible for you to send them with their own, your child would be very grateful:)

Math – We have been busy learning about sorting, surveying, tallying, graphing, and describing the data in graphs over the past several weeks.  Students have enjoyed surveying their classmates and recording their findings on a tally chart and graph.  We were working hard on ‘reading’ our graphs and trying to describe the data shown.  Many students were doing very well not only describing each piece of information, but they were beginning to compare the data.  Our unit on data management has been completed and we are moving on to learn about patterns.  Typically, I find most students very keen and interested in identifying, creating, extending, and describing patterns.

img_11351 img_11371 img_11381

Word Work– As part of daily five, the students complete word work each week to practise our word wall words.  One of the activities the students sometimes get to do, is to use magnetic letters to create as many words as they can.  As you can see below, many of us work very hard on this activity.

img_11231 img_11251 img_11211 img_11201

Reading – Many students are continuing to make progress with their reading strategies.  I am continually reading with all students in small groups, during shared reading with the whole class, as well as one-on-one.  I will continue to update you in your child’s agenda when their reading level improves.  Thank you to everyone for all of your support and reading practice at home on a daily basis.

Writing – As part of our language program, the students are writing every day.  Some days they write a  personal response or retell of a story that has been read aloud to them and other times, I have the students develop thoughts and communicate their ideas about a variety of topics (e.g. Remembrance Day, Character Education, Science related topics, etc.).  We are working hard to communicate our ideas effectively by leaving spaces, printing legibly, using capital letters appropriately, and placing punctuation at the end of our thoughts.  Students are encouraged to write enough detail and use description in their writing to thoroughly explain their ideas.  We are also learning about ‘super sentences’ which have a joining word such as ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’, ‘because’, etc. in them to begin writing compound sentences.