It’s a girl!!!

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Nature truly is amazing!  When we left school on Friday afternoon our chrysalis was a beautiful green.  I decided to bring it home over the weekend because typically butterflies emerge from their chrysalis anywhere between 8-14 days.  On Saturday evening, I could see some orange and black wings through the green chrysalis.  When I woke up this morning the chrysalis was transparent and I could clearly see the beautiful Monarch wings through it.  Within 45 minutes I noticed that the butterfly had emerged from the chrysalis.  When butterflies first come out their wings are very wet and crumpled up.  Within a few hours our butterfly was ready to fly away.  I even got to see it’s proboscis stretching out, looking for some nectar(I wish all of this had happened during school hours for all of the students to see firsthand).


Our butterfly is a girl.  I will be teaching the students how to determine boy Monarchs vs. girls Monarchs tomorrow.  I wonder if your child will be able to teach you?

The great news is that we have one more Monarch caterpillar joining our classroom tomorrow.  I wonder how long it will be before he/she forms a chrysalis?

Upcoming/Important Dates:

September 23 – Orange shirt day

September 28 – Terry Fox Run in the afternoon

October 4 – Pizza Q / Meet The Teacher

October 6 – Elmvale Fall Fair


Welcome to grade 1!

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Welcome to our grade one class blog.  I am so happy to have your child in my classroom this year.  It is going to be a great year!

Today was a busy and exciting day!  We got to know lots of new friends (we have 19 students in our classroom) and some new teachers.  We read a story called “First Day Jitters” and learned that even teachers get nervous to go to school on the first day!  We wrote about our first day at school and then read a poem called “Jitter Juice”.  As a special treat, each child got to try some of our own ‘jitter juice’ to get rid of our first day jitters!


Now that your child is in grade one, he/she has an agenda.  This is a very exciting part of grade one.  Each child wrote in their agendas at the end of the day and are to share it with you tonight.  Many different notes went home today and there is lots of important information for you.  Our class newsletter is on a blue piece of paper.  I will be using the Remind App as one piece of communication between home and school this year and there are instructions for you to join my Remind class on the back of the blue class newsletter.

Did your child tell you about our special ‘guest’?  We have a Monarch caterpillar in our class!  When we arrived at school this morning our caterpillar was curled up in a ‘J’ formation getting ready to create a chrysalis.  By 12:10 that sneaky caterpillar had transformed into a beautiful green chrysalis.  We are excited to watch our chrysalis turn into a Monarch butterfly!  If anyone spots a Monarch caterpillar we would love to have another in our classroom:)

I hope your child had a fantastic first day of school!

S. Hall